How It Works


Vertical Grow Towers

High Density Growing

PILLAR-PONICS provides high density vertical grow systems for Aquaponic and Hydroponic gardening. These systems are tailored for both commercial and residential settings.

Vertical towers increase the grow density per cubic foot by 4 to 8 times that of a typical 2-dimensional grow bed.

Tower Assembly

Simple Assembly, Simple Harvest, And Simple Maintenance

Separating the tower halves allows the harvesting of the plant, as a whole, with its roots. Harvesting the plant with its roots extends the shelf life of the plant, permits an earlier harvest, and allows for further shipping distances. The clamshell design provides easy access to the interior space, simplifying the cleaning process.

Grow ports accept a variety of different manufacturers grow plugs. Recommended grow plug: ihort 40-80 (

Flight Bar

Modular Pod Overhead Track System Or Suspension System

Flight Bars support 6 hanging Vertical Grow Towers for use with an overhead track system. Track systems allow for easy transport of the towers to a dedicated harvest, cleaning, and transplant station. The track and trolley are not included with Flight Bar kit.

Trolley And Track

Retrofit To Any Overhead Track System

Commercial greenhouses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations. Pillar-Ponics does not supply trolleys or overhead track systems but recommends NIKO Track systems ( or the use of a reputable overhead conveyor manufacturer.


Tower Support And Fluid Distribution

Used to support and hold the vertical grow towers in place. Interlocking features of the hangar interface with the tower halves and the flight bar help maintain the grow towers’ position, relative to the stationary fluid distribution system. They are also used as a receiver for the supplied water and nutrients and distribute them evenly down both sides of the grow tower, where the plants are located.